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It all started because I really like candy. 

And since my Mom was always on Weight Watchers, I wasn’t allowed to have it.  

At 10 years old I knew the only thing standing between me and the candy aisle at the Tenneco gas station across the street from our apartment complex in Tucker, Georgia in 1975 was money.

And the fastest way to get money, according to my best friend Lesli Schneider, was to sell something.

And so I did.

My First Businesses

My first business was selling car air fresheners door to door with inventory sourced from Lesli's basement.

My first two businesses were launched with the power of leverage and overstock inventory.

Cases of car air fresheners (from one of Lesli's step-father's ventures) and stale candy from my friend Linda Thomason's garage.

Linda's mother worked for a candy distributor who let the employees bring home candy that had passed its freshness expiration date.

Linda and I sold $100 Grand Bars and York Peppermint Patties out of pillow cases before first bell in 7th grade for $0.10 a piece and made a fortune.

I had so much money that the entire bottom drawer of my dresser was filled to the brim with quarters, dimes, and nickels which my Mom was shocked to discover one day.

The interrogation went something like this:

Mom:  SUSAN BETH! Where in the [bleep] did all this money come from?!!

Me: From selling candy.

Mom: Where did you get all this candy to sell?

Me:  Linda's garage.

Mom: How are YOU making all this money selling Linda's candy?

Me:  (incredulously) Because it was MY idea.

That's the Secret to Success

And that's the secret to success in business.

Our value is in direct correlation to our knowledge and our ability to sell. 

To this day, I love learning and I love marketing. 

Which means that I create a lot of value. And have a lot of fun.