Meet Susan.

Introducing Susan Lassiter-Lyons: a savvy investor, best-selling author, innovative entrepreneur, and dedicated activist.

As CEO of a digital publishing company, Susan creates and oversees a broad spectrum of content, services, and intent-driven media across various brands. 

Previous to founding her publishing company, she founded a private equity fund, consistently delivering an impressive 12.9% annual return by investing in short-term mortgage debt. Her expertise and insights culminated in writing an Amazon #1 best-selling book.

Fueling her passions, Susan's activism centers around women's rights, animal welfare, and promoting financial literacy. Residing in the sun-drenched landscapes of Arizona, you'll find her either on the tennis court or courtside at Phoenix Mercury games.

susan lassiter-lyons


Susan is the real deal! Not only is she a very successful investor and businesswoman, she also has a heart to help. If you want to finally learn how to invest and have confidence in your financial future, she's worth her weight in gold.

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My Money My Freedom Client

Want to Work Together?

In addition to my books, podcast, and philosophy here's what I've got for you...

Automatic Audience

My agency helps attorneys and financial advisors generate organic leads automatically with meticulously researched, professionally written, SEO-optimized articles.

My Money My Freedom

My financial coaching program helps successful women set up retirement investment plans that produce all the income they need to live their best life, for life.

Getting the Money

My flagship course for real estate investors has helped over 1,600 students raise more than half a billion in private capital for their projects since 2012.

They Say the Nicest Things.

SLL not only makes learning about retirement investing simple, relatable, and fun, she also brings the CLARITY!

Aubrey schwenk

Working with Susan is fun and exciting and to finally have peace about my financial future is indescribable.

joyce woo

Susan is whip-smart, knowledgeable, and genuine. I'm honored and grateful to be part of her group.

dr. jennifer akkaway

Susan's SEO agency is top notch. The keyword research/content plan alone was mind-boggling. And her weekly, SEO-optimized content for our financial site portfolio is driving affiliate conversions and ad revenue.

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Susan holds a magna cum laude degree in Business Administration from Regis University, where she was inducted into Alpha Sigma Nu, the esteemed Jesuit Honor Society. Eager to deepen her knowledge, she obtained certificates in Financial Markets and Narrative Economics from Yale University, studying under Nobel Laureate economist, Robert Shiller.