I've Had a Long Career Helping People Make Money

I know this is where I’m supposed to write a bunch about myself. And trust me, there’s a lot to tell but I’m saving the juicy stuff for my memoir. So, we’ll stick to business. I’ve been at this since 1990. Here’s my highlight reel…

  • Managed a private equity fund that delivered gains of $1,104,234.53 to my investors – an average 12.88% return.
  • Advised real estate investors who, as a result of my fundraising framework, have collectively raised more than $400 million in capital since 2004.
  • Founder of the Income Investors Academy, a membership site for people creating multiple streams of investment income for life.
  • Amazon #1 best-selling author of Getting the Money: The Simple System for Getting Private Money for Your Real Estate Deals.
  • Founder and CEO of the Squad Agency, an email marketing firm that helps business owners build and market to engaged email lists.
  • More than $14 million in online sales since 2010 from my email-driven marketing strategy.

I live in Rancho Mirage, California in the heart of the gorgeous Coachella Valley with my wife Annette and our dogs, Hank and Harper. You’ll usually find us on the tennis court.