Beating the Market

I get so tired of seeing the lazy trope that it’s impossible to beat the market.

Like this one from some money coach on Twitter:

It pisses me off because:

  1. It’s not true.
  2. The market has only gained an average of 6 – 9% over the last 30 years.
  3. It scares people into thinking they have to outsource their investing to someone else.

Here’s what the ‘market’ has returned on average over the last 20-30 years:

I manage my own investments.

Always have and always will.

I’ve consistently beaten the market since I actually started paying attention to it – around 1986ish.

I take screenshots from my account every once in a while just to remind myself.

Here’s the most recent one:


And this one from 2018:

And this one from 2017:

Heck, I’ve been an investor in Costco (NYSE:COST) since 2012 and I could have beaten the market with just this one stock:


I think what these people are really saying is THEY can’t beat the market consistently.

But the fact that someone else can’t do something never stopped me from doing it.

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