Imposter Syndrome

I’ve suffered from imposter syndrome since I started my first business at age 13.

Who am I to be running the biggest babysitting syndicate in Stone Mountain?!

I had it big time when I:

  • Was hired by Hertz as an operations manager at age 24.
  • Traveled all over north America developing and teaching sales workshops.
  • Leveraged everything I had to invest in the Hertz IPO.
  • Bought my first house on my own at age 34.
  • Started my own mortgage company.
  • Raised several million dollars for my private equity fund.
  • Coached investors who collectively raised more than half a billion in seed money for their projects.
  • Wrote my Amazon #1 best-selling book.
  • Semi-retired and moved to California.

So, pretty much my entire life.

I saw this today in an email from Zapier…

Actual impostors don’t get impostor syndrome.

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