Leaving Colorado

On January 4, 2017 my Mom died unexpectedly.

It was a shock and ultimately a gift.

I had lived in Colorado for 36 years.

We moved there from Atlanta when my step-father accepted a new job.

My entire life was there but suddenly, it felt like it wasn’t.

My Mom was gone.

I was estranged from my half-sister.

I was unhappy.

With my life and my business.

And we had just built a brand new million dollar home which I realized too late was way too big for us and completely unsuitable.

My Mom, and the responsibility of caring for an aging parent, was really the only thing keeping me in Colorado.

And now that she was gone, I wanted to move.

I worked up the courage to tell my wife, Annette, how I was feeling and to my surprise she agreed.

So, we spent a couple hours talking about where we might move.

Would it be west coast or east coast?

Hot or cold (NO COLD!)?

Ocean or desert?

United States or Ireland?

Finally, we looked at each other and smiled… we had it.

Palm Springs.

I’d been vacationing in Palm Springs since the early 90’s and when Annette and I got together in ’99, I started taking her with me.

We both loved the area.

Loved the vibe.

Loved the lifestyle.

Loved the heat.

Loved the proximity to LA.

And we’d discussed retiring there at some point.

So, we just arrived at our retirement destination about 15 years early. 🙂

We sold our house.

Lived in a penthouse in Denver for a year while we shopped for the perfect house in California.

And in April 2018, we loaded up the dogs and moved.

I haven’t looked back.

I love living in California.

I love being able to play tennis year round.

I love having my own pool.

I love being surrounded by palm trees and mountains.

Mostly I just love the fact that I changed my environment.

So many folks I coach complain that they’re stuck.

That their environment – whether it’s their office, home, state, or city – is a barrier to their success.

What they don’t realize is that they have the power to change all that.

It’s not easy to leave family and friends and uproot your life in your 50’s, I get it.

But with FaceTime, and Skype, and Facebook, and Marco Polo (my family’s favorite app) you can keep everyone and everything you love close.

Annette and I ended up in our dream life because we asked ourselves one simple question…

“If we could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?”

I’m curious what your answer would be if you asked yourself the same question.





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