My Projects

I'm a serial entrepreneur who gets bored easily. As a result, I have multiple projects and companies.

The Squad Agency

A marketing agency that helps experts and coaches get in front of buyers when they are ready and eager to engage. Our proprietary Automatic Audience™ system builds hyper-targeted list of engaged buyers eager to buy programs and services.

The Income Investors

An investment club that helps people create multiple streams of income for life. It's a passive investment strategy that focuses on total returns - not just capital gains - fueled by the power of dividends and compounding in the public and private markets.

CannaVestor Lab

A cannabis and psychedelic medicine investment newsletter and trade alerts service. We trade a portfolio of speculative, microcap growth stocks in the two craziest sectors out there.

Getting the Money

A system to raise private capital for real estate investments detailed in my best-selling book. To date, more than $500 million has been raised using my framework.

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