I had a discussion in a Facebook group with a prominent financial copywriter yesterday who told me in order to be successful in my relatively new business direction, I had to adopt a right wing slant.

And it got me thinking.

As a financial publisher, I subscribe to a bazillion investing newsletters and study every promotion very carefully.

I’ve done this for years – consuming everything I could get my hands on about all types of investments.

You name it, I’ve probably studied it.

When I started to develop and market my own premium investment newsletters, CannaVestor Lab and Real Passive Profits, I began carefully examining the way other premium newsletters are marketed by my competitors.

In a word it’s… gross.

The major themes seem to (always) be…

Are you prepared for the coming crash?
The Fed and the Deep State are coming for your 401k!
Your retirement isn’t safe!

And lately, they are really exploiting the political divide in the US with most of these publications vilifying liberal ideals and praising conservative ones.

And then of course when you click through to the sales letter or video, you have to sit through some guy (it’s always a guy) yammering on about…

The “secret” he’s about to reveal in a moment…
4 or 5 iterations of “imagine what your life will be like when…”
And the ever-present words… if you haven’t had [insert any desired result here] yet, it’s not your fault!


I can’t stand that type of marketing and I bet you can’t either.

It’s so formulaic and smarmy.

But guess what?

You may hate being marketed to this way but this type of marketing IS 100% YOUR FAULT.

Yep. All yours.


Because that’s the only way most people buy online.

The countdown timers, disappearing offers, and all that other stuff we can’t stand is there for one reason only… to try to move the prospect (you) to take action.

Because the truth is that you don’t push the button to buy unless you have a darn good reason to.

And that motivator is usually a deadline.

Or a takeaway of some sort.


It’s all in the book Influence: Science and Practice by Robert Cialdini.

If you have a copy or can get access to one, you’ll read all about scarcity tactics on page 231.

So, why am I telling you all this?

Because I don’t want to market this way just as much as you don’t want to be marketed to this way.

I want my financial publishing firm to reflect who I am…


I don’t want to give my content a pessimistic, hardcore conservative (InfoWars or Breitbart) slant because that’s not who I am.

And I have no desire to engage with let alone serve the type of people that content attracts.

So, here’s my promise to you.

I promise to keep honoring my values and do my best to keep the weird marketing tactics to a minimum.

when I made the decision to pivot to financial publishing, one of my business advisors, Peter Shallard, told me that all a business really needs to be successful is 1,000 happy, engaged, customers.

So, I’m all about getting my 1,000.

Will you be one of them?